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The Complete Perch SEO Tool

Chirp allows Perch content editors to analyse their content, and improve their on-site SEO.

 £20.00 per project

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Perch SEO
SEO App for Perch

The Perch SEO App

Chirp SEO allows websites that use Perch as the management system to optimise their Perch site with just one addon. It uses live content analysis to provide up to date tracking of how well your website is performing in terms of on-site SEO, as well as a variety of other important aspects including readability and loading time analysis.

Perfect for Editors

Chirp incorporates all aspects of SEO as standard. It helps analyse everything from page titles, to meta descriptions, as well as how well the content reads, and even shows a preview of what your website will look like in Google.

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Latest SEO Techniques

We incorporated tools such as Google PageInsights so that you can make sure your website is gaining every possible advantage.

Easy-to-Read Breakdown

Using a simple traffic light system, Perch editors can summarise their pages easily and quickly, making quick changes and getting real time content analysis.

Per-Project Licensing

We wanted to make Chirp as friendly for developers as possible, and that’s why we offer a per project licensing structure for all Perch developers and editors.

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